Did someone say sewing machine?

We have a passion for home textiles! Through us you will have many options as we produce most kinds of interior textile products. We offer a well-equipped facility with mostly German sewing machines in good condition. Our skilled and committed co-workers produce high quality work and in our factory they always play the leading role.

The fabric is measured, outlined and cut with great care and then the fabric sections are sewn with great precision, down to the millimetre. Our products are made with care and to last for many years to come and the seams made by our company stand up to close scrutiny.

Every step of the production is supervised by Maila, the founder /CEO of the company and she spends most of her time in the factory instead of in the office. Through our outstanding customer service and our quality work we have gained a sales network that reaches Denmark, Norway and Finland.

Since spring 2010 we manufacture clothes in our company. The clothes are produced in our second unit located closely to our home textile factory. Our co-workers have an extensive experience in garment manufacturing we are specialized in jersey fabrics. This production line is supervised by Mailas husband…… to ensure that nothing but the best leaves the factory.